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Become a Turkish Citizen

Turkish citizenship How to become a Turkish citizen by buying a real estate in Turkey Becoming a Turkish Citizen became a very attractive methodology for many foreigners and international individuals by the reason of the new amendments entered into force with the Turkish Citizenship Law in 2019. The new version of the Turkish Citizenship Law allows foreigners to receive citizenship after buying a real estate in Turkey a value of 250.000 USD. In addition to buying a real estate option, there is another option to deposit an amount of...


Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Turkish Citizenship   Turkish Citizenship Law numbered 5901 indicates the procedures regarding the regulation of principles relating to the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship and the implementation of citizenship services in Turkey. Turkish citizenship can be acquired both by birth or after birth. This article provides an overview of some of the alternatives through which Turkish citizenship can be acquired after birth, namely through investment in Turkey and buying property in Turkey, as well as a new practice called the...