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General Overview Of Our Services

General Overview Of Our Services

Some selected legal fields in which we provide legal services are listed in the Services section. In the context of general implementation of legal practices, we have broad experience in the following legal fields.

Legal Services For Public Projects
Tenders in Turkey
Ligitation & Arbitration Legal Consultation
Public Private Partnerships
Intellectual Property Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Tax Law &Tax Structuring
Construction Real Estate Law
International Arbitration Law
Oil &Gas Energy Law Services In Turkey
International Law &Contracts
National Defence Law
Immigration Law
Citizenship Law
Competition Law
Investments Law
Aviation Transportation Law
Banking Finance/Capital Markets Law

ONGUR&PARTNERS International Law Office provides a spectrum of top quality legal services to international businesses, corporations, governments and investors.

We are proud to provide legal services to a broad range of clients from all over the world, to prominent industries in Turkey as well as significant projects, while working as trusted legal advisors in Turkey for over 13 years. In depth experience we gathered from distinguished clients, being part of unique projects and dealing with multinational complex legal issues provided us with the framework and opportunity to demonstrate our legal skills at the highest level.

ONGUR&PARTNERS International Law Office expertise covers all aspects of state, commerce, business and investment laws in Turkey, and all aspects of litigation and arbitration. The office in Ankara provides local services to surrounding cities, as well as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Alanya and employs consultants overseas to provide strong standards. Clients are served with diligence,and the firm’s language fluency in Turkish, English, and Italian guarantees that an interpreter is rarely needed for close communication. Lawyers and staff at ONGUR&PARTNERS International Law Firm dedicate themselves on their clients’ welfare, and devote extensive resources to securing client investment.

Our firm is considered among the top trusted international legal service providers and law firms in Turkey by international legal networking authorities. Our special focus on client expectation and our approach to design best legal strategy for successful and effective results provides solution-oriented tools.

Our focus is to inform and protect our clients from legal and/or financial risks during their business or legal procedures in Turkey, by identifying the best legal strategy to succeed in arbitration and/or litigation procedures as soon as possible.

ONGUR &Partners a Turkish law firm combines an international legal practice with a solid track-record and knowledge of litigation before Turkish civil and administrative courts. ONGUR &Partners  is well-equipped to handle all types of legal disputes before Turkish courts and  carry our all related steps and report to its clients in English and Italian.

Our litigation team is well experienced and the overall case success rate is 97%.

Litigation in General in Turkey

Our Turkish litigation lawyers represents clients in all types of civil cases, including commercial disputes, investment disputes, real estate disputes, shareholding disputes, bankruptcy and execution proceedings, labor law cases.

Arbitration Related Litigation in Turkey

ONGUR &Partners has vast experience in legal steps concerning the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. Furthermore, to the extent, all disputes arising from a contract which contains an arbitration clause cannot be resolved through arbitration due to the mandatory provisions. Our team has vast experience with handling the arbitration or litigation cases with “pathological arbitration” clauses which require deep knowledge and experience.

Arbitration &Turkey

Arbitration is one of the fundamental practice areas of ONGUR&Partners. We have been representing many international and local clients before ICC, Milan Chamber of Arbitration as well as Istanbul Arbitration Centre and our arbitration experience over 15 years.

Administrative Litigation in Turkey

Certain type administrative decision s in Turkish law are subject of the litigation before Turkish Courts. We have been representing many international clients as well as governmental institutions and embassies before Turkish courts from different industries such as pharmacy, national defence oil gas, renewable energy, real estate, IT, automotive etc.