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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

ONGUR & PARTNERS International Law Office has a proven track record of providing fast, reliable and efficient legal services to its foreign clients in their citizenship by investment applications in Turkey. Since the introduction of the citizenship by investment program in 2018, our attorneys with in-depth knowledge of immigration and citizenship regulations and significant practical experience have been successfully assisting many foreign investors and their families in obtaining their Turkish citizenships.

The citizenship by investment scheme in Turkey foresees six routes to Turkish citizenship, consisting of making a fixed capital investment in the amount of minimum USD 500,000.00 in Turkey,

Purchasing a property worth at least USD 250,000.00 in Turkey, employing at least fifty (50) employees in Turkey, depositing minimum USD 500,000.00 in banks operating in Turkey,

Purchasing public debt instruments in the value of minimum USD 500,000.00 in Turkey, and purchasing shares of real estate investment funds or venture capital funds in the value of minimum USD 500,000.00 in Turkey,

All subject to detailed requirements that must be satisfied. Whichever route is chosen, our lawyers can provide you with the best legal assistance in Turkey in obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, together with your family members. Our legal services in Turkey cover all stages of detailed Turkish citizenship application processes, including opening bank accounts, conducting property valuations, conducting property sale transactions, preparing all necessary documentation, and diligently following up the progress of the applications with different government bodies, to achieve successful results in the shortest time possible.

Immigration and Citizenship LawImmigration and Citizenship Law

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