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USA, BAE Investment Projects

ONGUR&PARTNERS has been providing legal advice on international investment issues for more than 13 years. The American, Italian and British members of our legal team provide unique solutions regarding investment processes and procedures to Turkish companies who have cross border operations. Thanks to our international legal network, we competently analyse the feasibility of investments and determine the best legal strategy for attaining secure and profitable returns abroad. We represented several Turkish clients during the setting up of their investments in the USA as well as in Dubai. While providing this service, we support our clients in line with the international ONGUR&PARTNERS standards.

A core area of work for us is company establishment in the USA. We set up many subsidiaries of Turkish companies in various states of the USA, including Delaware, New York, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. One of our clients is a prominent IT company that provides software development services for American Banks. Among the others are several textile and manufacturing companies that we helped set up in the USA. We understand that there are different destinations our clients prefer to make their investments for tax planning purposes. In this respect, some of our clients seek to invest in the MENA region. We assisted many clients in setting up their subsidiaries in Dubai, where the free trade zones offer unique tax advantages for many international companies.