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Become a Turkish Citizen

Turkish citizenship

How to become a Turkish citizen by buying a real estate in Turkey

Becoming a Turkish Citizen became a very attractive methodology for many foreigners and international individuals by the reason of the new amendments entered into force with the Turkish Citizenship Law in 2019. The new version of the Turkish Citizenship Law allows foreigners to receive citizenship after buying a real estate in Turkey a value of 250.000 USD.

In addition to buying a real estate option, there is another option to deposit an amount of 500.000 USD to a Turkish bank account for a minimum duration of 3 years allows to the foreigners to receive Turkish citizenship.

According to the new law, any foreigner would able to receive Turkish Citizenship after the purchase of a real estate at the value of a minimum of 250.000 USD. The duration of the application process takes around 3 months after the submission of the related applications and after the related assessments the foreigner can receive a Turkish passport.

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According to Turkish Law dual citizenship is applicable for many nationals. Accordingly, the foreigners can benefit from dual citizenship with his  new Turkish citizenship by keeping his original passport.

Besides, the foreign individual can receive residence permits during the assessment of his citizenship application based on his /her citizenship application.

The real estate which would be owned by the foreigner by the purpose of acquisition of citizenship needs to be kept on that foreigner’s name for a minimum of 3 years.

The   value of the real estate needs to be evaluated by the registered real estate evaluation officers and the report needs to be submitted to the deed registry office during the application process.

The suppose and children of the applicant who is under the age of 18 would also benefit from the citizenship acquisition process. For more information call us or send us an email [email protected]