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Due to the rapid increase of mutual trade and investment between Turkey and Italy, today, it is not rare to see that Turkish companies/parties require to bring enforcement and/or court proceedings in Italy. Therefore, especially Turkish companies doing business with Italy frequently apply to our law firm for filing a lawsuit in Italy or initiating enforcement proceedings in Turkey or Italy.

Firstly, since both Turkey and Italy use the civil law system, the dispute resolution processes to be carried out in Italy will be conducted within the framework of a similar legal system with Turkey. This being said, it makes it easier for Turkish companies to carry out their cases and other legal processes with Turkish lawyers who speak Italian or with lawyers working in close connection with Italy.

To briefly mention the dispute resolution system in Italy, it should be first stated that Italy is a country consisting of 22 regions, where alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration can be used very frequently. Therefore, when a Turkish company wants to carry out a dispute resolution process in Italy, it is possible to start the process with negotiation or mediation which can provide a quick and effective legal solution to the problem in a direct, solution-oriented way. With these alternative dispute resolution methods, it becomes possible to conclude a dispute with results-oriented, faster, and cheaper resolutions.

In case the parties fail to settle the dispute via negotiation process started in Italy, it would be beneficial for Turkish parties to follow up on the litigation processes in Italy via legal teams consisting of Italian and Turkish lawyers. By this means, with the contribution of Turkish lawyers to the case, it becomes easier to gather evidence in Turkey, to obtain declaratory court decisions if required, to communicate more efficiently; which would dramatically increase the chance of winning the case. Additionally, with the power of a professional legal team consisting of both Italian and Turkish lawyers the client can benefit from better understanding of Italian law aspects of the dispute resolution between Italy and Turkey.

Managing Partner of ONGUR & Partners International Law Office Attorney Arzu ONGUR is a successful legal advisor who has achieved important accomplishments in the representation of Turkish and Italian companies. It is very rare in Turkey that a law firm provides services in Turkish, Italian, and English which brings our clients the comfort to transmit directly to our lawyers in their native languages.

Our international network and experience allow us to resolve most of the disputes with alternative dispute resolution methods without the need for litigation. Furthermore, due to our experience of representing our Clients before Italian judicial authorities via our partners located in Rome and Milan; we have been providing fast, effective, and efficient legal services for over 15 years.
We are proud to note that our law firm has been the most active law firm in the Italy-Turkey line by carrying out the highest number of arbitration cases before the Milan Chamber of Arbitration and advising Clients in an important volume of the transactions that are being carried out between Italy and Turkey.

In this context, we provide legal services for Italian and Turkish companies from different sectors such as defense, railway, energy, textile, automotive, food and agriculture, mining aviation, information technologies sectors. In the context of these services; we have been providing legal services in public tender processes, import-export processes, contract drafting/control, merger/acquisition/dissolution processes, arbitration and litigation to be carried out both in Italy and Turkey as well as the debt collection and dispute resolution processes for over 15 years. In these processes, our experience makes us unique in resolving complex disputes in a fast, effective, and efficient manner.