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İstanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC)

İstanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC)

Recently Arbitration in Turkey became a very important legal tool during the resolution of national or international dispute resolutions. The Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) set up on the 26th of October 2015 as a neutral independent, and impartial institution providing dispute resolution services for international and domestic clients.

Especially with the cases where Turkish law information required ISTAC provides unique solutions such as Fast Track Arbitration in Turkey, Emergency Arbitrator, and appointments of arbitrators in ad hoc procedures in line with Turkish Law. Considering Turkey’s geographical position İstanbul Arbitration Centre has a key feature to resolve commercial disputes between companies from Europe, Asia, and Middle East countries.

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Enforcement of İstanbul Arbitration Centre

Enforcement of İstanbul Arbitration Centre’s awards is very attractive for foreign parties in Turkey considering the seat of arbitration as well as special regulations for the enforcement of İstanbul Arbitration Centre awards in Turkey. Taking into account the Board Members and Secretariat of İstanbul Arbitration Centre are well-known international arbitration lawyers and legal professionals, the quality of the services satisfy both local and international community.

Istanbul Arbitration Centre constitutes an exclusive alternative for the resolution of international disputes, with less expense and within the shortest amount of time possible in Turkey. Especially considering long-lasting Turkish litigation procedures the İstanbul Arbitration Centre ensures a very effective dispute resolution mechanism for the companies and individuals.
The ISTAC arbitration or mediation is available on the website of ISTAC.

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