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Virtual Hearings

ONLINE ARBITRATION HEARINGS Law, as well as all other disciplines, could not stay immune from adopting itself to the world-wide technological evolution and digital transformation. Global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic fostered this adaptation by moving legal processes into online platforms. Arbitration is one of these legal processes that is affected from the Covid-19 pandemic and adopted itself into technological developments. Below is an overview of arbitration hearings and how they are conducted online in today’s world....


Corona Virus Pandemic

Corona Virus Pandemic as Force Majeure in International Contracts 1.         Introduction The recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the precautions to prevent the disease from further spreading to populations have had important implications for international contracts. In particular, the disruptions faced by a large number of manufacturers/contractors in fulfilling their contractual commitments caused by the outbreak have once again brought the “force majeure” issue to the forefront of the legal agenda all over the world. In this information...