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how to hire legal services in turkey

Best Lawyer in Turkey

Best Lawyer in Turkey

In this globalized world, having trusted legal services is a vital need for any international business. Hiring the best lawyer in Turkey is an important instrument during any litigation or arbitration proceeding as well as any cross-border business transactions. Turkey, with its expanding role in international business and trade attracts significant interest of international community. In this article, we provide the guidelines on how to hire the best lawyer in Turkey before starting any business operation in Turkey.

The first step in finding the best lawyer in Turkey is to check with the Bar Associations as to the lawyer’s qualifications to avoid scams. This is because, as per Turkish law, only Turkish citizens who have graduated from law schools in Turkey and licensed by one of the Bar Associations are entitled to use the title of “attorney”.

Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir Bar Associations are the three largest bar associations in this regard. In addition, providing opinions in legal matters, legal representation of real persons and legal entities before courts, arbitration tribunals and other judicial bodies, as well as management of all documentation associated therewith are the sole prerogative of attorneys in Turkey. Therefore, if you need to conduct any legal transactions in Turkey, it is advisable to work with attorneys or law firms, rather than consulting firms who are not authorized to provide legal assistance.

The second point to consider is the law firm’s competence. Turkish law firms and attorneys all have their areas of expertise. The best law firm in Turkey you can hire, however, is the one with expertise and experience in the business sector you operate, be it energy, defence, real estate and construction, transportation, public tenders or intellectual property.

This is important, because, with the right lawyers, you can get the best legal advice tailored to your situation at every stage of your investment in Turkey, which will involve multiple legal areas, such as corporate law, commercial law, immigration/citizenship law, labour law, energy law, administrative law, as well as dispute resolution before national courts or through mediation and arbitration. A good way to determine your law firm’s competence is to check their record of successful cases, as well as their previous and current clients’ satisfaction with them. Reading reviews and testimonials by clients is therefore important to make a decision.

The third, but equally important, point when hiring an attorney in Turkey is finding one that has the necessary language skills. Turkish lawyers with fluent English-speaking skills can not only understand you and your needs better, they can also explain and discuss the legal strategies that are available, and help you make better choices in your business.

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Last but not least, the best lawyers in Turkey you can hire are the ones that you can trust to represent you and your interests. Best Turkish lawyers tell you what to expect, help you analyse possible legal strategies, explain you the risks, answer your questions diligently, give you timely and correct information, and put your interests ahead with loyalty. Again, doing your research including by reading the reviews and testimonials can help in finding the right attorneys providing trusted services.

In conclusion, the decision to hire a lawyer in Turkey for your business is an important one. Therefore, paying attention to the points above can significantly improve your chances of successfully doing business in Turkey.