Legal Services For Public Projects And Tenders In Turkey

Legal Services For Public Projects

Tenders In Turkey

With the liberalization of the economic policies and globalization of the overall economy, multinational corporations are involved in public procurement and tender processes in Turkey. The Turkish State and government institutions frequently utilize and cooperate with private foreign companies for the provision of public services and public projects, in order to provide goods and services for the public duties of the state in line with international standards. ONGUR & PARTNERS Law Office has highly skilled attorneys with in depth experience in Public Tenders & Procurement Law. ONGUR & PARTNERS Law Office has been offering legal service for companies involved in a procurement process for more than 15 years.


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Public Procurement Law

PUBLIC PROCUREMENT LAW   CHAPTER I General Provisions   SECTION I Application Principles   Purpose Article 1- The purpose of this Law is to establish the principles and procedures to be applied in any procurement held by public authorities and institutions governed by public law or under public control or using public funds.   Scope1 Article 2- The provisions of this Law shall apply to procurement of goods, services or works the costs of which are paid from…

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Turkish Law on Public Procurement Contracts

LAW ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENT CONTRACTS   Law No: 4735   Approval Date: 05.01. 2002   Official Journal Date/No: 22.01.2002/ 24648     Law No: 4964   (Law on Amendments on Some Laws) Approval Date: 30.07. 2003   Official Journal Date/No: 15.08.2003/ 25200     LAW ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENT CONTRACTS     CHAPTER ONE   General Provisions   SECTION ONE   Purpose, Scope, Definitions, and Principles   Purpose | ARTICLE 1 …

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