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Competition Law

Compliance with competition law is an essential element of doing business in Turkey, with violations subject to high administrative penalties and costly litigation before national courts that may result in the payment of significant damages. ONGUR&PARTNERS International Law Office  has a dedicated team of qualified competition law attorneys to assist our clients’ businesses to operate in compliance with competition law regulations in Turkey.

Our competition lawyers in Turkey are academic and professional experts with a wide-ranging experience in international and Turkish competition law, providing the highest quality legal services in Turkey on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, cooperation agreements and distribution agreements. ONGUR&PARTNERS International Law Office has been successfully advising many Turkish and international clients on Turkish competition legislation, as well as representing them before the Turkish Competition Authority and national courts in competition law proceedings.

Competition Law

Competition law covers the following:

  1. Abuse of dominant position;
  2. Anticompetitive compatible actions and agreements;
  3. Mergers and transfers that negatively affect competition. These are regulated and controlled by Competition Authority, and also, sector actors can face various administrative procedures and actions with regards to above mentioned issues.

It is significantly important for the companies, who intend to display commercial activities complying with the laws by being away from administrative challenges in the sector, to have technical and legal support from experts of competition law in terms of preventing challenges before they arise as well as high amount of administrative pecuniary penalties.

Releated Legislation

Turkish Act On Protection Of Competition

The purpose of this Act is to prevent agreements, decisions and practices preventing, distorting or restricting competition in markets for goods and services, and the abuse of dominance by the undertakings dominant in the market, and to ensure the protection of competition by performing the …Read More »

Turkish Active Cooperation Regulation

Article 16(6) of the Act No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition (the Act) provides that fines mentioned in Article 16(3) and 16(4) may not be imposed to those making an active cooperation with the Competition Authority (the Authority) for purposes of revealing contrariness to the Act…Read More »