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Diritto E Contratti Internazionali

The importance of a well-planned and a well-drafted international contract to avoid unforeseen disputes both in Turkey and internationally cannot be overemphasized. A clear determination of the parties’ rights and obligations at the beginning of a cross-border business relationship is essential for the success of the underlying business. With the best legal assistance, parties to an international contract can save time, energy and money that might otherwise be spent on resolving disputes because of the defective provisions in the contract. It is therefore crucial for both Turkish and international clients to find the best lawyers in Turkey, who can expertly foresee and handle multi-jurisdictional cross-border issues before signing their international contracts.

ONGUR&PARTNERS International Law Office, with its office in Ankara and of-counsels in Istanbul, Rome, Milano, Chicago and New York, offers the best legal services in Turkey in drafting international contracts for its international and Turkish clients. Our competent legal team members, all with expertise in key industrial sectors both in Turkey and other major jurisdictions, provide the best legal assistance possible to parties willing to enter into international agreements. Our services cover all aspects of international contracts including planning, risk assessment, negotiating, finalization, regulatory compliance, as well as dispute resolution by way of litigation in Turkey and abroad, and international commercial arbitration.


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