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Attorney Stefano MAFFEI

Stefano is an Italian academic lawyer with major management skills and significant international experience, mainly in Europe, UK and the United States. His main fields of teaching and research are Human Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure, Prison Law & Extradition Law.


He is qualified to practice law in Italy and he offers legal advice in extradition proceedings and complex cases that involve multiple jurisdictions, the European Court of Human Rights and/or defendants who face charges before foreign courts.


Stefano MAFFEI provides unique solutions for ONGUR&PARTNERS’ Turkish and international clients during their investments, company establishments, litigation and arbitration processes complying with Italian Law.


In several occassions, he took part in institution building and training projects, and between 2012 and 2015 he coordinated a large EU funded project “FIDUCIA” (worth 2.7M€, funded by FP7), which was designed to investigate new European forms of criminality, and to promote an innovative, trust-based policy approach.


LANGUAGE SKILLS:  English (Native)   / Italian (Native)



Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil)


University of Oxford, Oxford (United Kingdom)

During my doctoral studies I investigated the theory and practice of the "European" Right to Confrontation, the right of persons accused of a crime to examine witnesses against them (by virtue of Article 6-3-d of the European Convention on Human Rights). My final thesis was later published as a book ("The Right to Confrontation in Europe - Absent, Anonymous and Vulnerable Witnesses . Publisher: Europa Law Publishing, Groningen, 2012)​





University of Oxford, Oxford (United Kingdom)

One-year research degree in Law & Human Rights​





University of Pavia, Pavia (Italy)

All major subjects of Italian law (criminal law & procedure, civil law & procedure, employment, constitutional law, administrative law, etc…)


Fulbright Scholarship, 2011

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, 2002

British Council Chevening Scholarship, 2000

Zanardelli Award for the Best Candidate of the Bar exam in the Brescia district, 2002

Griziotti Awards for the Best Student & Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Pavia, 1997, 1999



20 Jan 2005–Present


University of Parma, Parma (Italy)

My academic duties include teaching and research in the area of domestic and international criminal justice, including prison rules and regulations

More specifically, my lectures cover the Italian system of criminal procedure & evidence, including investigation, trial, simplified procedures, appeals, pre-trial detention rules and rules on prison sentence, probation and early release.

I also teach the theory and practice of Extradition law, with regard to both the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and the surrender procedures through bilateral International Treaties.


Sep 2006–Present


EFLIT-English for Law & International Transactions, Parma (Italy)

In 2006, I set up "English for Law & International Transactions" (EFLIT) at the University of Parma. Today, EFLIT is the largest postgraduate program of legal & business English for Italian graduates, lawyers, accountants and judges.

EFLIT 'Classic', 'Premium' and 'Advanced' programs combine linguistic and substantive skills, and are ideal for those who wish to improve their ability to engage in international transactions or seek admission to Master programs in Law and Economics in the USA and the UK.

EFLIT also teaches participants the skills needed to communicate effectively on professional matters with foreign clients and colleagues. Subjects covered include: false friends & professional correspondence, corporations, litigation, contracts, taxes, property, banks, bankruptcy, finance and accounting.



1 Feb 2012–Present


UNICRI – United Nations  United  Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - Turin  (Italy)

Since 2012, I have been appointed by UNICRI to teach a series of classes on "Comparative criminal procedure" and "Extradition law" to the students of the LL.M Program in International Crime and Justice. Upon completion of the LL.M., two graduates are invited every year to serve as my research assistants at the University of Parma on the topics of International extradition and the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).



1 Mar 2011–30 Sep 2011


Temple University Beasley School of Law, Philadelphia (United States)

As a Fulbright Scholar, I worked at Temple University Beasley Law School to develop my research in criminal procedure & evidence and I spent several months observing jury selections and jury trials in State and Federal courts of Philadelphia.​​


1 Apr 2004–30 Nov 2005


EPLC - European Public Law Center, Atene (Greece)

Project management of EU-funded projects of institution building and post-graduate education​.  During my  years at EPLO I served multiple times as an expert in institution building projects (aimed at legal reform of criminal justice and public law generally ) through cross country comparisons / presentations /lectures in Eastern Europe (Moldova, Ukraine) and Asia (Iran, Bangladesh, India).




Apr 2008–June 2011


Research project on new  indicators of trust and confidence in criminal justice  (

My role: Head of Unit at the University of Parma (being the University of Parma a partner entity in a project led by King’s College, UK -  overall budget 1.5M€) – Project funded by the FP7 of the EC


Feb 2012–June 2015

FIDUCIA: New European Crimes and Trust-Based Policy

Research project on EU criminal policy and “new” European crimes (

My role: Coordinator of the Consortium (including 8 EU Countries + Turkey, 13 entities, overall budget 2.7M€) – Project funded by the FP7 of the EC


May 2010–Dec  2010


Institution building project funded by the World Bank

My role: Consultant to carry  out a  cross-country comparison of "Expert Witnesses in Court Proceedings" and to present it to judicial and political authorities in Turkey


January  2011–October 2011


Project funded by the EC – in relation to the e-justice portal (

My role: Consultant to draft the fact sheet on the role of victims in criminal proceedings in Italian criminal proceedings (to be published in the EU e-justice portal)


January  2008–March 2008


Project funded by the American Br Association – Rule of Law Initiative

My role: Consultant to deliver a series of lectures to judges and prosecutors of Armenia on the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights (and  to produce a number of case summaries on the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights) following the entry of Armenia into the Council of Europe – with a view to adapting domestic legislation to ECHR standards on fair trial, torture, prison rules.



  • Editor of 3 books produced by the project FIDUCIA- New European crimes and Trust-based policy (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • The Right to Confrontation in Europe (Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2012)
  • The Cloak of the Law and Fruits Falling from the Poisonous Tree: A European Perspective on the Exclusionary Rule in the Gäfgen Case (co-author Sonenshein), in (2013) 21 Columbia J. Eur. Law 19
  • Report on Italy, in Newman (ed) Crime and Punishment around the World [2010], vol. IV (Europe), 172-182;
  • Crime and Criminal Justice in Italy (co-author I. Merzagora-Betsos), in [2007] European Journal of Criminology 461-482
  • Negotiations "on Evidence" and Negotiations "on Sentence": Adversarial Experiments in Italian Criminal Procedure [2004] Journal of International Criminal Justice 1050-1069
  • Il codice di procedura penale francese (Translation of the French Code of Criminal Procedure into Italian), with forewords by Pradel and P. Corso (Piacenza, CELT, 2002)​